Client: Syngenta India Ltd.
Sector: Agriculture

SOW: Campaign theme & strategy, communication concept, visualisation, design, film concept & script, media execution, on ground promotion ideas & creatives

Media: Print, ad film, jingle
Film Production Partner: Addventure Productions

How to navigate a brand through trouble waters?

A successful product from a leading brand brings in high set of expectations from consumers and even a slightest drop in performance equally brings a high amount of hue & cry. It happened with Axial. The negativity about the brand could have brought the cascading effect over the brand leadership and popularity.

How to limit the negative consumer perception and create an even bigger impact?

Positivity & Grandeur

The defensive approach to negative brand perception can be more harmful. We decided to tackle it with more enforcement on brand positives and its legacy over many years. The campaign strategy was to build the grandeur and present the brand in the larger than life way. The communication tone was assertive focussing on positive experiences and leadership position. It was an integrated campaign consisting multimedia like print, film and jingle.