Client: Syngenta India Ltd.
Sector: Agriculture

SOW: Market research, campaign theme & strategy, communication concept, film concept & script, visualisation, design, media execution, branding & merchandising

Media: Print & ad film
Film Production Partner: Prayogshala

How to implement a multi media strategy for a potential block buster brand?

A new challenger with big potential needs to find space in the market where leadership position has taken by a big brand. It is extremely challenging to occupy consmer's share of mind when the market is dominated by well established brands.

Is it possible to change strong consumer buying preferences?

Small is Big

We decided to focus on one unique point of difference for Fusiflex and focussed the entire communication campaign on it. Instead showcasing not so defferent functional benefits, the strongest attribute of "speed" was highlighted with a metaphor. The idea immediately clicked, campaign stood out and received almost instant recognition