Client: Robertshaw Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Sector: Engineering & Manufacturing

SOW: Market research, marketing plan & strategy, communication concept, film concept & script, visualisation, design, product graphics design, packaging design, branding & merchandising, media execution

Media: Print & digital
Film Production Partner: Addventure Productions

How to transform an industrial brand to a consumer brand?

When a traditional B2B company brings out a consumer product, it would create a pandemonium of ideas & opinions. It takes much more profound working than regular marketing and communication startegy.

How to make the required successful transition?

Breaching New Boundaries

Sometimes you need take drastic steps to achieve the desired. We saw a real potential in Frost Fizz, and we decided to run the extra mile. Apart from building marketing strategy and media execution, we have decided to take ownership of actual sale of Frost Fizz. Purple Prodis new promotional and distribution company is the result of it. Purple prodis is the sole marketing and distribution agency for the product. The real market experience is taken closer to the consumers and made us more insightful.