Client: UnSchool Preschool Pvt. Ltd.
Sector: Education

SOW: Communication concept, visualisation, design, brand guidelines, website, branding, media execution

Media: Print, digital & space graphics

How do you build trust and credibility for a new educational concept?

UnSchool as the name suggests, was a rebellious education idea. It was a professional approach to the traditionally popular home schooling philosophy. It carried huge potential with many advantages for modern day parents who are very particular about their young child's needs.

But how to get the intial buy in for this new concept ?
Will there be acceptance for this different idea ?

Selective Rebels

A new concept needs to be bed in with the early adapters-the set of people who like to experiment. We have drafted a communication strategy that would address to this selective population. The strategy encouraged and facilitated one on one communication dialogue with the audience that was essential for the new concept selling. The design, right from the identity to the space graphics brings in the different element. Every aspect was carefully chosen and designed to give ample justice to a fantastic concept. It definitely stood out.